Pyrenees Cluster Schools 2015

Schools from the Pyrenees Cluster have kicked off their first three Cluster Days for this year with a visit to Navarre, Natte Yallock and Trawalla Primary Schools. Students have had face to face lessons with Ken and Peta Sensei.

Below are some pictures taken from the Cluster Day at Trawalla. Students were given a family member ‘Otou San (father), Okaa San (mother), Onii San (big brother), Onee San (big sister), Otouto (little brother), Imoto (little sister)’ and then had to use dress ups to become this person. The Grade 5 and 6 students also had popcorn, jelly baby and M&M races using chopsticks. Great fun was had by all!









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DSC_2521 (2)
DSC_2522 (2) DSC_2524 (2) DSC_2526 (2) DSC_2527 DSC_2531 (2) DSC_2545 (2)






DSC_2518 (2)

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